03 December, 2008

Dec.3.1984 Bhopal Industrial tragedy

In 1984, World witnessed disastress industrial accident in the history. 
Bhopal, MadhyaPradesh,India city affected by poisonous gas methyl isocyanate or MIC leakage from a Union Carbide pesticide factory. Gas spreads throughout the city, killing thousands of people outright and thousands more subsequently in a disaster often described as the "worst industrial accident in history". 
The plant opened in 1969 and produced the pesticide carbaryl, which was marketed as Sevin. Ten years later the plant began manufacturing MIC, a cheaper but more toxic substance used in the making of pesticides.
It was MIC gas that was released when water leaked into one of the storage tanks late on the night of Dec. 2, setting off the disaster.
The first effects were felt almost immediately in the vicinity of the plant. As the gas cloud spread into Bhopal proper, residents were awakened to a blinding, vomiting, lung-searing hell. Panic ensued and hundreds of people died in the chaotic stampede that followed..  An exact death toll has never been established. Union Carbide, not surprisingly, set the toll on the low end at 3,800, while municipal workers claimed to have cleared at least 15,000 bodies in the immediate aftermath of the accident. Thousands have died since and an estimated 50,000 people became invalids or developed chronic respiratory conditions as a result of being poisoned.

The victims of the disaster, those who live on, continue dealing with various health problems — including chronic respiratory problems, vision problems and an increased incidence of cancer and birth defects — and an environment that remains contaminated to this day.

This is how Bhopal tragedy goes on continuing still today, there is know end. After one week of Mumbai Terror attack, Indians have to remember this tragic day.


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