29 January, 2009

Drink Acai Berry Juice To Prevent Cancer

By Ron Duckett

Old civilizations did not use herbs for nothing as the Amazonians did use Acai berry for nothing. Little did the people of the United States know until recently that the Acai berry used for centuries by Brazilians could prevent the growth of cancer cells in leukemia patients even though it was not possible to cure the fatal disease. Acai berry research until recently found out the great properties of the Brazilian Acai berry and the benefits of drinking the Acai berry juice. Studies have revealed that Acai berry extracts fro which the juice is processed can do wonders for the body and for cancer patients it is like a gift from the Amazon rain forest.

Rich in anti-oxidants, they are released in great doses into the human body when they drink the Acai berry juice. Acai berry juice drinkers in the US have endorsed the great benefits it has given to them over tome as they were hooked to it regularly. Why wouldn't they be? Acai berry juice offers the best health benefits that are far greater than Acai berry pills or powder. People take in a lot of vegetables, fruits and fibers with the idea that they contain the necessary ingredients in them for a better health of the mind and the body.

Similarly, when buying Acai berry juice, the properties that made them popular to Amazonians for several centuries would now go into keeping people from the developed world now. Technological advances and Acai berry research has unearthed Acai juice benefits that can rejuvenate people and make them healthy, fine and fit once again. People began to take the Acai berry benefits seriously when the result on cancer cells showed up. If leukemia cells could go on a self-destruction mode when treated with Acai berry extracts, then surely drinking Acai berry juice could be the answer to more health benefits than was known earlier. Those who went on to buy Acai berries were all for the Acai berry benefits and strengthened the findings of Acai berry research.

Anti-oxidants are the main villains that kick start the ageing process leading to premature ageing and can be the cause of cancer also. What the drinking of Acai berry juice does is prevents the entry of radicals to create havoc in the body. Acai berry juice drinking benefits are enormous and the revelation of the University of Florida has literally made it a number one food supplement in the US. It is no wonder why the ancient people of the Amazon region in Brazil were hooked to the raw Acai berry for centuries and they must have known the Acai berry benefits.

Not only notice, more people are now ending up buying Acai berry juice after knowing about Acai berry benefits that are enormous and extensive. People also wondered how the magic fruit with so many healthy properties could just lurk unnoticed in the Amazon jungles of Brazil within kissing distance of the United States. More and more people are realizing if this is the beginning of the findings from Acai berry research, then there would be more in the years ahead.

About the Author:
Ron Duckett is an online marketing entrepreneur who has lot of experience in the internet marketing field. He is also an author of 5 self-published cookbooks. Ron has started a new website http://TruthAboutAcai.com , here you can learn about acai berry benefits . Visit http://TruthAboutAcai.com today and discover he amazing health benefits of Acaiberry.

25 January, 2009

How Self Awareness Leads To Better Brainpower

By Steve Gillman

At the highest levels, better brainpower cannot be separated from higher self awareness. Your own reactive mind often gets in the way of the clearest and deepest thinking, and you have to see this happening to correct it. Part of the problem is what's sometimes referred to as the "monkey mind," which describes the tendency of the mind to jump from thought to thought like a restless monkey jumping from tree to tree. This is something you might "tame" with meditation.
But we also have to consider the content and patterns of those thoughts. Calm the busy mind and you may observe things more clearly, concentrate better, and think more efficiently - but not necessarily more effectively. A perfectly tuned and efficient car can still take you to the wrong destination, after all. Self awareness starts with this meditative observation of the "chatter" in your mind, but for more powerful thinking you have to look deeper, to see what influences are working there unnoticed.

Common Biases That Prevent Effective Thinking

Suppose a scientist is studying the effects of various deficiencies in humans. One day he reads a research paper which hypothesizes that decreased copper levels in men contribute to criminal behavior. It's a new and interesting idea in his field, but he dismisses the idea quickly, noting that the study primarily shows just a correlation, which doesn't prove causation (there is a higher rate of copper deficiency among violent offenders in prison).

Now, let's suppose that he would ordinarily look into such an intriguing idea more closely. Correlation does give reason to look for causation, after all, especially on something as important as the possible link of a nutritional deficiency to criminal behavior. Why might he have reacted differently in this case, and without even knowing that he had done so? There are several common biases that may have been operating on an unconscious level in him.

First, he might have had a bad experience with the author of the study. Without a doubt we tend to have more difficulty giving credence to ideas that come from people (or newspapers or television news) we dislike. This is what can be referred to as a "source bias." If you want to test this phenomenon, find a great quote by a popular person and see how many people agree with it. Then tell another group that it's a quote from Adolph Hitler and see how many from that group think it's a great idea.

Second, he may be biased by his philosophy. In this case, he might strongly believe that people are entirely responsible for their actions. Our minds are powerful at a deep level, and quickly see if a given idea doesn't fit our existing beliefs, even if we do not note that consciously. As a result, this scientist might immediately discount any possibilities which contradict his "mental framework" or personal philosophy. We might call this a "philosophical bias." We can ignore even the best evidence if something challenges our basic belief system, and a lack of self awareness makes this an "invisible" habit.

Third, there is the basic "ego bias," which makes it harder for people to accept an idea they didn't come up with or have any involvement with (or more generally to have a hard time thinking in ways that challenge one's ideas about himself). Had he considered the idea of a deficiency increasing the chances of criminal behavior before, he might have loved that research paper (but that, in turn, could be an example of "confirmation bias," which leads us to believe those things which confirm our previous beliefs). If he had argued for something that contradicted the copper deficiency previously, it is easy to see that he might discount it's value. He would have to drop or alter his own idea in that case, and ego often prevent this, even among good scientists.

These are just three of the many common biases which can affect our thinking. The solution? Self awareness through self observation. It is difficult to correct a problem which we do not see and acknowledge, right? So for the highest level of brainpower, we have to watch our own thoughts and notice the patterns and reactions.

For example, if the scientist in our story above was in the habit of self observation, he might have noticed that his dismissal of the new idea was more of a reaction than a reasoned response. This could have lead him to investigate whether he was reacting to his dislike of the author (source bias), or if the idea was unconsciously felt as an attack on his basic philosophy (philosophical bias), and therefore rejected. He might have even discovered a pattern in himself of ignoring ideas and evidence that he didn't originate or have previous involvement with (ego bias).

How to get in the habit of self observation, and therefore increase one's self awareness, which then leads to the possibility of more effective thinking, is a topic for another article. But seeing the need to do so is a good start.

Copyright Steve Gillman. For more on Self Awareness, and to get the Brainpower Newsletter and other free gifts, visit: http://www.IncreaseBrainPower.com

Improve Your Psychological Health Using Subliminal Techniques

By Evgheny Stivenson

Subliminal messages were prohibited on radio and TV as early as 1974 by the Government of the USA. These were previously used to increase the sales of popcorn by almost 62 percent. This is a topic in a number of Derren Brown "mind" shows that are broadcast around the world.
But in spite of all these media build-up, subliminal messages continue to be widely used by advertisers, not merely to entice us with the purchase of yet another can of coke, but to actually change the way we live.
First of all, you can use subliminals for self-help: you can improve your self-confidence, treat acne, improve your relationships with the opposite sex and much more with the help of special subliminal messaging computer programs. One of such programs is Subliminal Flash (by Ded Pyhto, Inc); you can search it on Google and download for free.

In fact I intend to show you that you can use subliminal message to work for you right from tonight! This technique doesn't require using of subliminal messaging software. It is not as effective as using, saying , Subliminal Flash software mentioned above, but it can demonstrate you the power of subliminals.

But then what exactly are subliminal messages?

Subliminal means below the threshold of consciousness. Subliminal messaging is an act of conveying messages straight to the potent subconscious mind. This section of your brain is in charge of the whole lot from memory to giving your conscious mind its basic traits to that of body temperature.

Dr James Vicary conducted the most significant subliminal messaging in history when he flashed "I want popcorn" and "Drink more coke" for 100-milliseconds to a movie audience. Being below the threshold of consciousness, no one 'saw' these messages; but then sales of popcorn and coke shot up 58.4 % and 19.2% respectively.

But this form of potent suggestive advertisement was banned by The Government of the USA. However on the other hand, the potent nature of this tool was also recognized. This can be a powerful tool to send messages of self-improvement directly to the subconscious minds of the masses.

How are these to be done? There are two ways to send the subliminal messages. The first is visual with the use, for instance, of the Subliminal Flash software tool. The second is audio with the use of subliminal CDs that can be bought off from nearly all bookstores.
There is also this low cost way for you to put to use subliminal messaging.

Identify a pair of important goals that you will like to imbibe in your life. Perhaps you may want to stop smoking or may be learn faster. Put these core goals into very short and simple positive messages like "I am ready to quit smoking" or "I am a quick learner".

Write these messages on to a white cardboard sheet using thick black marker pen. Craft about three such cards with such affirmative messages on the themes. Keep these next to your bed along with a flashlight.

Then comes the unfriendly part. You will be woken up at mid-night when your subconscious is vulnerable.

You set your alarm clock for 4 a.m. before going to sleep. When you hear the alarm clock ring, turn it off. Pick up the affirmation cards and the flashlight. Flash the flashlight in the pitch dark for a dozen times quickly over each of the affirmation card. Simply stare at the cards without any efforts at reading them. These messages are for the subconscious.

Once you have completed this, you may off the light, put off the cards and get back to sleep. All these should not take you more than two minutes. You will surely get back to a deep and restful sleep.

What you have just accomplished is to send a set of subliminal messages to your subconscious. What you are about to experience is something very exciting!

Problem-solving dreams are reported invariably by most when the techniques are used for a few nights. Their decisions are found to be influenced from within. After a week or so, they recognize that their smoking has reduced to half and their speed of learning has had noticeable improvement. You have moved ahead in achieving your core goals.

Subliminal messaging is quite simple to use but have not yet been widely put to use.

Though simple and straightforward, most people do not believe it. You may not think it actually works. Even you may not try this out.

But the fact is that the powerful potent use that this can be put to use is recognized by the Government of the USA.

So may be you will try this out now.

Evgheny Stivenson, author of articles related to subliminal messages: http://www.wordofmouthexperiment.com/dedpyhto/

Article Source: Improve Your Psychological Health Using Subliminal Techniques

15 January, 2009

What Is Life ?????

Usually we come across some stupid questions in our life like
What is life?
Life means Is it accepting the things how it come in our life ? or
It is the flow of our emotions, thoughts what we feel and express. or
It is achieving some thing, where no one reached that position i,e professional career life.

If we take positive word in our life, means in every point of moment, enjoying the wellness then life is just like flowing of pure water without impurities. Here impurities means man's wrong attitude towards problems, issues etc.
Understanding the people's mind when they are doing wrong things, and at the same time guiding them to not to go in negative direction. Most of the time people won't bother about what is happening in our surrounding world. Thank god after 26/11 Mumbai Terror attack some people asking where are you come from ??
This little bit awareness has come after such a tragic attack.
Why people only take the precautions after seeing the negative factor ??

View of life changes with the time and circumstances. Like my friend expresses life is all about facing the challenges for our day today needs. Yes after economic slowdown, securing our job is major challenge till it comes to normal.

But I don't think securing our job in economic slow down is only criteria. But securing the job is a life time challenge. Because wherever I worked not able to adjust with colleagues. I usually isolated from the colleagues community, friends etc.

And almost hated when they order or give some work and expect just work and work till office hours get over ed.
What I expect from them little bit friendly coordination, smiling in their face and most thing cordially behave and expect good productive hours.
Basically I m workaholic and thought that is my world and life.

Sorry ! I am leaving my original topic, because these small things really make big impact in our life.

If I think another point of view life's issues and problems are all about inspiration which exactly make you to take forward your time with your loved one !!.
Family and atmosphere where we brought up make a major impact handling and enjoying the life.
Nova days money matters a lot. For the money we losing peace and harmony with relatives and neighbors.

I welcome all bloggers who can share their view on life in their blog. And most thing explore the life, because its the right time to share our feelings in blogosphere.

13 January, 2009

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