06 December, 2008

Indian Politics and Media act after 26/11 Mumbai terror attack

After 26/11 Mumbai terror attack, every body talking about this, Myself also one of among them.

There is so much changed the view of Indian politics and media after Mumbai attack. 
Its really shame to our self, that media people are differentiating between VIP and Aam admi.
I want to know aam admi's heart broking stories where, who's relatives were died in CST. I hardly saw in TV  those people who injured and admitted in JJ hospital, where so many of them lost their relatives. One boy, who lost his both parents and relatives. In the News channel they did not showed the boy miserable story. 

I read in a news paper that, a youngest terror survivor was a 3 months old baby. Baby lost her father, and mother was injured. 

Media mainly concentrated covering the story on VIPs. 

Their should be a very long discussions on Media policy. 
Yes I know there were strong, brave hearted journalists were there, to continuously covering on going operation. But it really disturbs that I am not able to hear the story of those poor people , sorry they are not poor people but we all are Aam admi .

One major thing that I dislike was about the way media person treated with NSG commandos. After 40 hours of operation, when NSG commandos came out of Taj,  media people behaved badly with them. Without taking rest or food they continuously operating against terror, but in outside no one bothered about to arrange a proper transportation and food service. Hats off to  their braveness and tactics where they shown in completing operation and rescuing the hostages.

I am very sad that we having senseless politicians. They are  care less about the sensitiveness of the people. They showed that  how helpless and poor in their administration. After Mr Shivaraj Patil resign's from his post, Mr PM had only one option to take his position is Mr Chidambaram as a Home minister.

That one only shows us that in this Government no one candidate was eligible for this portfolio. 

 Why money only takes major priority in sustaining the position. Why only cast is considered ? Why for young Indians not  giving much opportunity to takle the position ?

I think as a
Indian citizen
we are not contributing our knowledge on selecting the proper Candidate. 

I don't think we have the right to ask our politician to consider and solve the problem.
Because we are not able to follow a simple govt rules like adhering to traffic rules, no smoking etc...
In every corner of the government organizations, corruption is the major bottleneck. 
We have to stop giving or receiving the bribe. If we fail, no one can rescue our nation. 
The most major drawback, we are not motivating young Indians to take part in social services. From the child hood our parents only teaches us to dream as a Engineer, doctor etc,....


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