15 January, 2009

What Is Life ?????

Usually we come across some stupid questions in our life like
What is life?
Life means Is it accepting the things how it come in our life ? or
It is the flow of our emotions, thoughts what we feel and express. or
It is achieving some thing, where no one reached that position i,e professional career life.

If we take positive word in our life, means in every point of moment, enjoying the wellness then life is just like flowing of pure water without impurities. Here impurities means man's wrong attitude towards problems, issues etc.
Understanding the people's mind when they are doing wrong things, and at the same time guiding them to not to go in negative direction. Most of the time people won't bother about what is happening in our surrounding world. Thank god after 26/11 Mumbai Terror attack some people asking where are you come from ??
This little bit awareness has come after such a tragic attack.
Why people only take the precautions after seeing the negative factor ??

View of life changes with the time and circumstances. Like my friend expresses life is all about facing the challenges for our day today needs. Yes after economic slowdown, securing our job is major challenge till it comes to normal.

But I don't think securing our job in economic slow down is only criteria. But securing the job is a life time challenge. Because wherever I worked not able to adjust with colleagues. I usually isolated from the colleagues community, friends etc.

And almost hated when they order or give some work and expect just work and work till office hours get over ed.
What I expect from them little bit friendly coordination, smiling in their face and most thing cordially behave and expect good productive hours.
Basically I m workaholic and thought that is my world and life.

Sorry ! I am leaving my original topic, because these small things really make big impact in our life.

If I think another point of view life's issues and problems are all about inspiration which exactly make you to take forward your time with your loved one !!.
Family and atmosphere where we brought up make a major impact handling and enjoying the life.
Nova days money matters a lot. For the money we losing peace and harmony with relatives and neighbors.

I welcome all bloggers who can share their view on life in their blog. And most thing explore the life, because its the right time to share our feelings in blogosphere.


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