18 February, 2009

Brain Fitness- Improve Your IQ

By Vlad Stivenson

The brain is one of the most important organs in the body that you should be able to maintain and work out. Since it is as well part of the body which you usually are concerned with when performing certain exercises, it is important that you should perform the same maintenance to your intellectual ability to enhance your mental capacity.

Well, you should definitely make sure that your brain is still capable of responding into any activity that concerns utilizing it. There are various ways where you can workout your brain so it can be able to adjust readily to different conditions in the environment. You'll actually find games or exercises that can contribute to this intellectual workout either if you would like to be comfortably sitting on a chair or working or you might as well go in front of your PC.

If you would like to know how would you be able to keep your brain in good condition, then you should be aware on how your brain memor izes and keeps everything it absorbs through your memory bank. The mind can be easily influenced and that is why it thinks. When it thinks it tries to gather up information from the memory bank which definitely are relevant to the situation that the brain in trying to decide on. What if let's say you forget? What makes the brain experience this then?

Usually you hear people blanks out because they are unable to remember. They'd say that probably their age has to do with forgetting to do something or why they could not easily remember. Actually one can win a victory over this issue and that is through "Brain Fitness".

Have you ever heard of Alzheimer's disease? This disease actually has a lot of medical definitions but basically the disease is associated with the continuously loss of memory which leads to not being able to get access to those memories anymore. And isn't it a very sad thing not for you to remember those happy memories that you once had in your life? Like it just get's wiped away because of a certain disease that acts like a virus that have deleted and corrupted important files in your computer. Well you certainly don't want to be in this situation right? So, try to make your brain more functional as it should be to be able to obtain its maximum production possible.

Your brain actually serves as the main network of the whole body. It receives the signals, decides what to do with it, and have other parts of your body execute what is being asked. So if your brain malfunctions, definitely other parts of your body would as well be affected. Now. in string details into your memory bank, the brain doesn't simply stores what you did or a certain memory by keeping it a single entity. Memories are stored like packets of data being sent into a central unit which distributes them to the different channels of the brain.

Achieving Good Memory Skills

In a n ordinary conversation you have with your fellow colleague or with somehow someone you has just got an acquaintance with let's say for about a day that passed, can you recollect the details that you have been able to discuss which pertains to that particular situation accordingly? If not, then try to reconstructing certain activities that may be related to it and see if it would bring up a clear recognition of that particular conversation that you have had earlier.

Of course to achieve the best results in enhancing the capacity of your brain to think and recall, you'd definitely need to practice to recall what things may have happened to you recently or even the not so distinct details in a situation or a conversation. This would exercise your brains capability of storing information to its memory bank and keep it going for a longer period of time.

Including different Activities To Everyday Living

The different activitie s that you add to your life would be part of your brain's memory enhancement program. You can start by actually by choosing your chores dynamically and changing routines. try getting involved with new topics and new conversations with new people, this would help your brain absorb other things and gather certain information accordingly.

Being able to bring something new to the brain give it the capacity to produce more space for it to store more memory instead of overwriting the old ones so the more you add new experiences, the more you obtain sharper memory.

Even your brain get's bored with the same old thing that happens everyday, so try something new to make your life more exciting as possible.

Gain New Knowledge About Almost Everything

Do you know that physical activities can contribute as an exercise for your brain as well? That definitely is true, so don't hesitate to keep a healthy lifestyle by not only getting new food for the brain but as well as keeping a healthy lifestyle by enjoying new physical activities such as sailing, skiing or maybe even those silent activities that involves physical and mental stress relief like for instance yoga. Another thing is that, you should always enhance what knowledge you have in store for your brain. How will you be able to interact with intellectual conversations if you are not prepared to what you are going to say? It is necessary that you try reading books of your interest but should as well be challenging on your end where you wouldn't feel that what you are reading is something that you already know about. In short, try reading something that you have never read before and absorb what's in it for a change! What is more important in adding that excitement to your life is having the ability to practice what not only is healthy but is challenging to it as well. This is the same as maintaining your brain's intellectual state and its capacity to fill up all those spaces with memories that you will be able to recall in the future. You may as well add up a manifestation of joy to your life as well as putting yourself into a good mood, because this would definitely help you gain mental stability as well as a definite stress reliever for your mind and your body.

About the Author:
Vlad Stivenson, developer of difficult intelligence quotient test


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