25 February, 2009

Improve Your Productivity With Speed Reading

By Kim Allarie

If you find yourself never having time to do anything, then an Evelyn Wood speed reading course could be just the thing for you. With this course you can be guaranteed of doing at least one thing in your life more quickly. If you love reading but never seem to finish a book, have no time to even look at the newspaper, then this is the answer.

By the time you have completed a speed reading course, you will have dramatically improved your reading speed and comprehension levels. You will finally be able to finish those books you haven't been able to get around to reading for lack of time.

While a speed reading course is effectively utilized to assist people in rapidly gathering data from academic reference materials, it's just as applicable to any type of reading material. Even an occasional reader can profit from the techniques lea rned in this program.

When you take a speed reading course you are introduced to the different ways to approach a variety of reading material. Reading an academic paper, reading a magazine, and reading literary books require different approaches.

While you study an academic report, you're mostly scanning for selective information. You might look for particular kinds of information by running through titles and subheads and skimming for pertinent data. Magazine and news articles are by and large simple to glance over, but you will want to savor each page of a fine novel.

A speed reading course can teach you the skills to navigate these different reading materials. You will not only be able to read academic texts quickly with good comprehension, you will also be able to read fiction far more quickly while still enjoying the meaning and atmosphere created by the author.

Speed reading doesn't lessen the impa ct of books you read. On the contrary, it can deepen the impact of the experience. You may be reading quickly, but you are also reading deeply, following the characters as they move through the story. Not only will you move into another world, your own world will 'move.'

On a purely practical level, this skill is a wonderful research tool. A speed reading course will help you cut to the chase and find important information quickly. You will also learn how to take effective notes which is important for exam preparation and writing quality essays.

Combine your reading skills and you will soon be able to get through that stack of books that has been waiting for you.

About the Author:
Regardless of a person's ability to read and comprehend, there is a speed reading program that can help them improve their reading speed while either maintaining or improving their comprehension skills. Find out more at Online Speed Reading .


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