01 February, 2009

The Importance Of Blogs, RSS Feeds and Videos

By C. R. Bolden

The world of marketing with Blogs, RSS Feeds and Videos online are a few of the keys to have immediate success on the internet. Most marketers use blogs to update and connect with potential clients. Blogs and RSS feeds are perhaps the more important marketing tools, which actually gives videos their unlimited potential. Blogs and RSS will play an immediate role in the Internet marketing field. We all know Video has truly arrived in the online marketing world.

What we will see is every website on the net becoming its own broadcasting system, its own television channel catering to a specific niche or a broad topic depending on the subject matter covered by the site. A billion channel Internet powered by RSS and video.

However, what is truly revolutionary, you do not have to be major players to get in the marketing game, even the smallest marketer can use and benefit from implementing their own videos. A simple video or digital camera can produce an informational video within minutes. You can then upload these videos to your blog or site and distribute them around the web within seconds. Those concerned with bandwidth costs can always upload their videos to YouTube. This simple video marketing system is available to everyone.

Basically you can use your videos for introducing yourself or your product. You can also create content to enrich your site. You can build a more personal relationship with subscribers and keep in contact with your clients.

Nothing beats the personal and direct connection video makes with your potential customers and follow-up leads. Marketers are now using video software that automatically inserts their subscriber's name in their videos for a more personal touch.

Most intenet marketers will take advantage of this fact by personalizing their messages and building a genuine relationship with their clients. Personalized videos will help cement this relationship and make it stronger - all contributing to more sales for the marketer, of course! From a marketing viewpoint videos is just a way to get your message in front of your customers to promote your products or services.

About the Author:
Colon Bolden is a gifted internet marketer in the home business industry. He has the knowledge workingwith other marketers around the world. Colon Bolden truly devotes his time, energy, and effort into making sure his team of professional marketers experience the online success that they truly deserves. Check out Colon's lifetime home business website.

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